Enjoy all juices, smoothies, and bowls for $4.95 each, everyday

Monthly – $14.95/month
Annual – $12.95/month

Save 13%


$8.00 $4.95


$8.00 $4.95

Acai Bowls

$11.00 $4.95


$4.00 $2.00

Power Shots

$5.00 $3.00

Full Day Cleanse

$44.00 $27.00

Juice ’til Dinner

$29.00 $18.00

All Add-Ins

Chia Seeds – Flax Seeds

Peanut Butter – Almond Butter

Hemp Protein – Whey Protein



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Enjoy all juices, smoothies, and bowls for $4.95 each, everyday.

What is Membership?

Membership is an easy way to get the cold-pressed juices, smoothies,bowls, shots, and cleanses you love at heavily discounted prices. Forthe greatest benefit to your health and wellness, our products arebest consumed on a regular basis. Our membership program helps keepthe prices low so you can get more bang for your buck. Create youraccount online and give yourself a pat on the back – you’re making agreat commitment to your health and well-being!

Is there a fee to join the membership program?

Yes. In order to stay an active member, you will be charged theMembership fee of $14.95 each month. The fee will renew every month onthe day you signed up. For example, if you signed up for Membership onAugust 14th, you will be auto-billed on the 14th of every month aslong as you stay active.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Your membership will be billed month-to-month. You may cancel atanytime in your account settings.

Is there a limit to my purchases at Membership pricing?

There is no limit to your purchases. Enjoy as many products as you’dlike, each will be billed at Membership pricing.

How do I use my membership online and in-store?

When ordering online, make sure you are signed into your Memberaccount. When signed in, you will be charged at Membership prices.Note: If you have added items to your cart before signing in, emptyyour cart and restart your order to ensure your prices are accurate.

When ordering in-store, please let your cashier know you are a Member,and we will check you in. We will need your first and last name, aswell as your phone number.

Can my membership be shared with others?

Your membership cannot be shared with others. We may requireidentification if your membership is being used by someone who is notyou.

Can I still participate in Rewards and collect my points?

Yes. Be sure to check-in and enter your phone number on thepoint-of-sale screen and continue collecting your points as normal.

Can I use email coupons and promotions with my membership?

Yes. You can continue to redeem any reward or use any coupon we offerin addition to your membership perks.